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Meet Andrew Schlag

The “Creative Transaction Genius”

Andrew Schlag is a 31-year-old best selling author, nationally renowned speaker, business owner, and real estate entrepreneur who build businesses with a purpose.

From purchasing 50 houses in 52 weeks at the age of 22 without money or credit to building a multimillion-dollar portfolio by 25, Andrew has become known for his well rounded, holistic approach to business. From coaching business owners to higher profits, to guiding them to live their Dream life of balance and freedom in all categories including physical and mental health, giving, relationships, travel and more.

Not only being featured on TEDX, but being recognized as a Top 100 real estate professional by “The Top 100 Magazine”, as well as many others.

He’s Co-Developed the RELU brand alongside the legendary Leo Valentino to empower people of all ages to Live their Purpose, and their mission thru time and financial freedom.



CF2F Mentorship
Unlock Your Financial Future

Embark on your mentorship journey that equips you with mastery over down payments, cash flow blueprints, negotiation tactics, and ultimate business management.

With lifetime access to essential tools, weekly growth coaching, and a committed investor community, set yourself on a path to financial freedom. Secure your future with emergency deal closers, virtual assistant recruitment, and exclusive access to RELU events. Unleash your potential with our 2X Your Investment Guarantee

Freedom Life Mastermind
Your Ultimate Success Blueprint

Step into an exclusive annual partnership that is your key to real estate success. Benefit from in-person mastermind hotseats, weekly group coaching, one-on-one access to industry leaders, and a treasure trove of resources, including the CF2F perks.

With personalized blueprint buildouts, performance optimization coaching, and team culture accelerators, we’re not just guiding your journey; we’re part of your team. Unlock bonuses like free RELU event tickets, business-building days in your city, and in-person retreats. Let’s build your seven-figure real estate business together.





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