CF2F (Cash Flow To Freedom) Mentorship Program

Cash Flow to Freedom

Mentorship (CF2F) Program

Unlock financial prosperity by diving into mentorship that empowers you with real estate strategies to create consistent income and achieve true financial freedom

Unlocking Financial Mastery

Dive into CF2F’s Mentorship Blueprint

With the CF2F Mentorship program, you’re not just getting lessons, you’re acquiring a new perspective on wealth. We unravel the secrets of creative real estate investing, delivering strategies that aren’t just innovative but are rooted in years of industry expertise.

  • Blueprint to Wealth. Navigate the complexities of real estate, turning challenges into opportunities and uncertainties into well-calculated steps.
  • Hands-On Learning. The CF2F program immerses you in the actual world of real estate. By implementing the strategies you learn, you transform theoretical knowledge into tangible financial gains.
  • Community and Mentorship.
    You’re never alone on this journey. Join a vibrant community of like-minded investors. Share experiences, tackle challenges together, and celebrate successes.
  • Enduring Skills for Changing Times. With CF2F, you gain knowledge that’s not just current but forward-thinking, ensuring you’re equipped to adapt, grow, and thrive irrespective of market shifts.



Enrollment includes access to the following course materials, bonuses, community and coaches.

Who It Is For

What Participants Will Achieve

Lifetime access to CF2F main program

Little-to-zero down payment mastery

The cash flow blueprint

Sales + negotiation powerhouse

Ultimate business management

Full Access to RELU’s Investor Community

Lifetime Access to “AMP Library”

About this program

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    The Cash Flow Blueprint
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    Weekly Growth Coaching
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    Access to RELU’s Investor Community

Structured group coaching

1-on-1 pairing with Growth Coach

Weekly Check-in and Accountability

Access to Deal Analyzers & Emergency Deal Closers, Call Takers Performance Optimization coaching

Creative Closers Integration

Done for you Virtual Assistant Recruitment

5 free tickets to RELU events

Emergency deal closers chat

Unlock Your

Financial Freedom with the CF2F

(Cash Flow to Freedom) Mentorship Program.

2X Your Investment in 6 months!